Mamatha Datta at Indian Cultural Centre, Bangkok, Thailand

Mamatha Datta of Mayuri Natya Kalakendra at Koppa, Chikkamagalur, presented an introductory Bharatanatyam performance along with her daughter Mandara at Indian Cultural Centre (ICC), a unit of Indian Embassy in Thailand on 23 July 2010.
Mamatha Datta & Mandara - 1
Mamatha Datta & Mandara - 1

Mamatha Datta & Mandara - 2
Mamatha Datta & Mandara - 2
Mamatha Datta
Mamatha Datta

The dancers first performed, Pushpanjali, a salutation with flowers in hands and then moved on to Alaripu meaning the first flowering and traditionally the first dance in the modern Bharatanatyam. Impressive performances for Bagilolu Kai Mugidu, poem in Kannada by poet Kuvempu describing medieval temples of Belur and Halebidu and Yoga Nritta, the presentation of yogic postures in classical dance and brief demonstration through dance and music were taken up the duo. The programme ended with Maha Ganapathim, a parting benediction in praise of Lord Ganesha, incidentally both loved in Thailand and India.

With the Director of ICC Bangkok
With the Director of ICC Bangkok and friends

With University Students and Teachers
With University Students and Teachers

A hall full of spectators from India, Thailand, Europe and the USA witnessed the performances with a lot of curiosity, enjoyed the show and later came up to the artists with several questions and inquiries. Students of ICC too were present at the programme. The performance included classical and semi-classical dance forms. ICC director and organizer Renuka Narayanan was present.

Mamatha was on a trip to Thailand from July 15 to 29.

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Mamatha Datta in Bangkok, Thailand

Mrs. Mamatha Datta will be performing Bharatanatyam at Indian Cultural Centre Hall, floor 27, Jasmine City, Sukhumvit 23,  Bangkok, Thailand on Friday, 23 July 2010 from 6 to 7 pm. The event is organised by the Indian Cultural Centre, a unit of Indian Embassy in Thailand. All are cordially invited.

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Mamatha Datta-Ganesha pose
Mamatha Datta - a stock image
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Another Successful Hemanta Lasya

Hemanta Lasya, the annual function of Mayuri Natya Kalakendra ®, centre for music, classical and folk with the theme shastriya and janapada nritya vaividhya was held at the Town Hall, Koppa here, recently.

As many as 40 students in the age group of 5 years to 19 years under the able guidance of guru Mamatha Datta not only entertained the art lovers present, but also proved through their performance that the traditional art is being passed on to the able shoulders.

At the programme, the young dancers performed the traditional Bharatanatyam items like Pushpanjali and Alaripu apart from dancing to song Mahaganapatim from Morning Raagaa the dance was a fusion of semi-classical, classical and free style. The main attraction of the cultural extravaganza were the folk items Veeragaase, Karaga and Dollu Kunitha performed by the students of the centre, who were tutored under gurus Harish

and Ganesh of Eshwari Kala Sangha for the past six months.

Audiences also soaked themselves in the patriotic fervour with students performing for songs Jai Bharata jananiya Tanujate and Hottito Kannada Deepa. There was a wave of freshness with children performing Nritta for a piece of music, the mix of saxophone and flute from Raagrang of Praveen Godkhindi and folk style depicting activities on paddy fields for yet another flute music in Mishra Pahadi from Praveen Godkhindi. All the students who have been learning the art from a year to the senior members assembled to put up the spectacular show.

About Hemanta Lasya

This is the fourth year that the annual function of Mayuri Natya Kalakendra ® is being held. It has been introduced by the school to encourage students and create awareness and interest among the public about Indian dance and music. Beginning from 2007, Hemanta Lasya was performed at Kalasa and twice in Sringeri.

About the Guru and Centre

Mamatha Datta, a danseuse herself founded Mayuri Natya Kalakendra in 1993 to teach Bharatanatyam to interested students and gradually added music and folk dance to the school as a part of extended cultural services of the trust. Mayuri Dance and Music Educational Trust (Regd.) is open since 1998. The trust is running Mayuri Natya Kalakendra.

Headoffice being located in Koppa, a small town amid beautiful green of ‘malnad’ region, the school is conducting classes in Koppa (3), Sringeri (2) and Kammaradi. Koppa is richly influenced by the music, dance and arts culture since the time immemorial and is conveniently located within a distance of 28 kms from holy temple town Sringeri and 10 kms from the culture town Hariharapura.

The centre has more than 150 students. Every year, several students are passing with first class and distinctions in junior and senior cadres of exams conducted by Karnataka Secondary Education Examination Board of Government of Karnataka. The interested can contact guru Mamatha Datta on mobile number 96864 62746 or 94483 41046 or send in e-mail at

Mayuri Natya Kalakendra ®,
Kalidasa Road,
Chickmagalur District

Article source: DaijiWorld

Hemanta Lasya is back…!

“Hemanta Lasya” is the popular dance performance introduced by the school in 2007, to encourage students of the school and to create awareness and interest in the public about Indian dance and music. It is usually performed annually during November or December months.

However, due to student scheduling and some other technical reasons Heamanta Lasya is organized for the year 2009-10 on 16 January 2010.

It has been made sure this time, that it will be different and special again. There is a wonderful combination of Bharatanatyam and various folk dances like Veeragase, Dollu kunita etc for your entertainment. Don’t miss this… Contact us for details and booking… Hurry up…